Jordan's blog / CSS Grid is awesome! link
Sun, Feb 18, 2018

First blog update in quite a while, mainly because I’ve been focusing most of my attention on my Golang apps (a wiki, and various other things).
The wiki is important for giving me a good reason to really dive into CSS instead of relying on a framework like Bootstrap or Foundation as I had done previously, especially here on this blog.

With the lesson learned building up my wiki as I liked, I finally got around to moving this blog over to a brand spankin’ new CSS Grid-based stylesheet, off of the cobbled together Foundation and pre-existing Hugo theme. CSS Grid makes laying out pages almost too easy, and making them mobile-friendly from there is a real piece of cake, even down to dramatically re-ordering the order of the pages!

On my blog here, on mobile or small screens, the header stays at the top, but the sidebar is pushed to the very bottom, even though content-wise, these are the first elements on the page. It’s absolute magic!

With a layout and code I’m a lot happier with, I hope to be doing updates much more often.